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"This is an important and powerful resource. Since you typically can’t gain wisdom without the pain of experience, the authors of this book generously and courageously share both with their readers. The result is an engaging read that just so happens to also provide motivational and practical advice for successful reentry."

Christopher J. Agans
  Executive Director, NJ-STEP

"Tremendously powerful and valuable guide…[that] serves a personal narrative of suffering, human dignity and survival against all odds…the words of this manual will imbue hope to all those who must continue to navigate the system while in prison, along with those who must navigate the myriad of obstacles and roadblocks that come with release."

Reverend Charlotte Mallory
  Retired Chaplain Supervisor at EMCF

"Of all the prerelease manuals, this is the ONE to read first and last. Written by people who have walked the walk and are now talking to YOU, the "lessons learned" approach merged with the personal narratives will capture the attention of all readers. The homilies by Tia at the end of each section provide a good dose of easy-to-swallow wisdom. Listen, pause, transform, reach, believe, give, receive, and try again, and again, and again."

Nancy Wolff, PhD
Director, Center for Mental Health Services & Criminal Justice Research


About All of Us Publishing Inc.

All of Us Publishing Inc. is a non-profit organization created to further the abolition of the current American carceral system. We do so by serving the justice-impacted community with information and support, raising the voices of community members, and bringing broader awareness of the urgent need for change to the general public.


Our books are available at no charge to those currently incarcerated in New Jersey.

Resource Library 

We invite all formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs and business owners to register their businesses in our resource library to be published within our next manual!

Resource Library
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